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Hilary Duffs Celebrity Comeback Is That Much Sweeter
January 18, 2017
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Colin Farrell Never Compares Himself To Anyone

Colin Farrell - No Comparison. Hands Down.

Colin Farrell - No Comparison. Hands Down.

How many of us out there are afraid to be compared to established brands?  I know that sometimes thoughts come across my mind about how I’m going to compare to well known speakers that I’m sharing the stage with.  This is natural.  There will always be someone who has done it for longer than you have or who has a larger following.  However, this is the last thing that you have to worry about.  All you need to do is focus on what makes you, YOU!

This is what Collin Farrell eventually did.  He’s starring in the second season of the HBO hit series “True Detective” that use to star Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson.  When he was first asked to read the script, his instinct was hesitation and risk.

“Still, I read the script and love it,” Farrell says.  “I couldn’t pass on it out of a fear of comparison.” – Associated Press

It’s almost second nature to compare yourself to others and see how you match up.  To overcome this fear, you have to be grounded and certain of who you are with a deep knowing that no one can compare to you.  There’s only one you.  This goes for your brand as well.  There is no other brand identical to yours.

When you sponsor an event and you see 5 other coaches or speakers having a similar business to yours, don’t see them as competitors, see them as colleagues and an opportunity to learn best practices.

After all, there’s plenty of customers for everyone.  Don’t fall into the mindset of scarcity.

Lesson Learned:

There’s only one you.  Only one brand like yours. Know who you are and never compare yourself to anyone.


Reflect on the times you’ve compared yourself and your brand to others.  Why did you do it?  What aspect of the other person did you compare?  Where did you feel you weren’t as good?

Next Steps:

1. Write down the areas of your business that you feel you can improve on.  Where did you feel that the other persons brand was better than yours?

2. Prioritize your list and make an action plan to implement the changes and improvements.

3. Let us know if you need additional resources to accomplish your action plan.  You can reach us by clicking here and scheduling a quick session: